Why should I use this service?
There are many benefits to using this service to handle your registration needs. Some advantages that this service provides over more conventional registration methods are:

  • More convenient for participants and event organizers
  • Communication tools to help event organizers stay in touch with their participants via email
  • Confirmation emails for participants
  • The ability to manage your event and track the registration process in real time
  • There is no software, hardware or technology to buy

What is the cost of the service?
The cost of the service is based on the following.

  • A one time setup fee
  • A base fee for each transaction

Based on the complexity and size of an event a fee structure that best meets the needs of an event organizer can be negotiated. For a rough estimate feel free to email sales@eventsalive.com. Be sure to include information regarding the event such as the size of the event, number of approximate transactions, and the frequency of the event.

How long does the service take to set up?
Based on the complexity of the event it can take from 2 to 5 days to set up.

For a paying event what are the options for collecting payment?
Events Alive does not get involved with money transactions. Our service is designed to facilitate the registration and information collection process. We do however provide functionality which helps track payment for your event. We recommend email money transfers to our clients as they integrate seamlessly with our product. For more information about email money transfers please visit www.certapay.com

Who can use the services?
Our services are geared to meet the needs of all organizations big or small. Whether your event is geared for thousands of people or just a handful we will do our best to satisfy your online registration needs.

What is the policy on refunds in the case that an event is canceled?
In the case of the cancellation of an event Events Alive will not issue refunds for transaction fees.